4 Main B2B Lead Generation Strategies

B2B lead generation has now become an easier process and doesn’t seem as much of a burden. With online lead generation strategies in place, you are now able to generate targeted and qualified leads which help you close more deals, in a much lesser time.

1) Lead Generation Tools and Services

With more importance being given to lead generation, B2B marketers have found new ways to generate quality leads. They utilize various lead generation services and tools that provide verified leads and don’t take up much of their time.One such service that is prominently used to generate leads is Quora. You can use this hub to find out what users think of your brand or business, answer relevant questions, and also plug yourself wherever possible. AeroLeads is one such lead generation service that helps marketers automate the entire lead generation process by providing you with exclusively built verified leads list that best suit your requirements. Many marketers also used LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator feature to generate targeted leads as it utilizes its vast database and helps marketers focus on the right audience.

2) Content Marketing

We are in a day and age where we consume an enormous amount of digital content. This provides an opportunity to reach a larger audience and grow your brand or business. Providing quality content in the form of blogs, eBooks, webinars, case studies, newsletters, whitepapers, infographics etc., makes the users trust you.Blogging consistently helps attract and build an active community which is moreover influenced by your content i.e, your thoughts and ideas. Such types of resources can be promoted on your website with opt-in forms as mentioned earlier and also on networks such as SlideShare. Another great way to generate leads from content marketing is through guest commenting and guest posting.

3) Social Media

Social media facilitates refining of your lead generation process as it allows for a more targeted approach. A lot of marketers believe that social networks like LinkedIn are an effective source to generate leads. Another key offering of social media is advertising. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn offer ads where you can promote a particular post, promote your profile/page or lead an entirely new campaign to acquire an audience.You can use social media to promote your offer, newsletters, eBooks, free downloads and more. A key tip is to provide the link to your website on your profile or in the description. This way you can lead your social media audience to your lead capturing landing pages and turn them into hot prospects.

4) Email Marketing

B2B lead generation through email marketing is primarily dependent on how effectively you draft your message. Your email needs to capture attention, provide quality information, instigate interest, have an effective call-to-action, and also look good. Create your subject line in a way that provides value to your leads, is personal and actionable. Provide a link to your website or your product/service page that you’re pitching and also a compelling call-to-action.While email marketing may not seem as fancy as the newer lead generation tools and strategies used by B2B marketers, it still remains to be a reliable and effective medium to generate leads.